Danica Arias Kleinknecht is a Dominican-American director working and living between New York and LA. Her style is raw and reflective, with an uncanny ability to turn the everyday into the exceptional.

Sam is a photographer and filmmaker from New York. His photos are excerpts from the world and reduce the subject and landscape to elements of geometry and colour.

Moo Flamman is a Dutch film editor based in Amsterdam. She is an intuitive editor, always looking for creative ways to visually enhance the story. She can only sleep peacefully when she knows she touched the audience with her cuts.

Director Kevork Aslanyan (Sofia, Bulgaria) works predominantly in 'the making of funny stuff', but asked about his creative style he says it lingers between comedy and drama. His work has been featured on Nowness, shots, LBB, Directors Notes, AotW, Short of the Week, VOTD, Campaign Brief Asia, Boyscout and Lürzer’s Archiveam.

Lars Brink is a self taught director and works for brands like Nike, Levi's, McDonald's and Sony. His belief is that creating film is a collaborative art from: a team sport! His style is colorful, quirky and loves to experiment with new techniques for storytelling with cinematography.

Jonas Beck (23!) a is talented director, notorious for his music videos for artist like Ronnie Flex, Lil' Kleine and Famke Louise. His style is gaining heat in the advertising industry: his first commercial for Nerf (Hasbro) got him an award and he directed two TOTO commercials. This is one to watch!

Luka Trajkovic is Serbian born cinematographer and photographer. Luka's passion for visual storytelling is best described as raw, yet stylized and moody. Living in constant motion is a passion of his. That is why he is making motion pictures, dynamic bicycle rides and risky Segway stunts.

Janine is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. Focusing on fashion and portraits, she loves to create authentic and pure but also weird atmospheres without loosing the effect of peoples' characters.

Dan French is a British director based in London. He loves telling stories and is interested in narratives that can make a commentary on society. He has a keen interest in the technical side of filmmaking and can at times focus work around a particular technique or camera move. It's hard to pin down one particular genre as he loves adapting to each project and exploring something unique with each.

Moo Flamman Kevork Aslanyan Lars Brink Danica Arias Kleinknecht Sam Youkilis Moo Flamman Kevork Aslanyan Lars Brink Jonas Beck Luka Trajkovic Luka Trajkovic Janine Sametzky Janine Sametzky Danica Arias Kleinknecht Sam Youkilis Jonas Beck Dan French Dan French